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Promoting Tourism : Bicycle in sky of Jhiljhile

Rijan Sapkota
Jhiljhile /
For the first time in Nepal, jeep cycling has been introduced for domestic and foreign tourists in the commercially established park.

Entrepreneur Raj Kumar Sangraula Established Water Kingdom Park established in Jhapa, Shivasatakshi Municipality. Entrepreneur Sangraula has started to attract tourists by introducing zip line, Superman zipline and lastly jeep cycling in the park constructed at a cost of Rs 30 crore and also a hotel with 30 rooms with comfortable Service .

The general public will be able to enjoy cycling on the wires hanging in two buildings 200 meters apart. A bicycle can be ridden by two people. The bicycle is hung on the upper wire of the two wires. The bicycle wheel is attached to the lower wire. The jeep cyclist jumps on the lower wire after hitting the pedal.

For safety, the jeep cycling technician has harness on both the legs and the hips of the cyclist. The hook of the harness is attached to the clip attached to the bicycle. Due to which the safety of the cyclist is strengthened to the extent.

In the open sky, 58 feet above the ground, two people can easily ride a bicycle at the same time. Bicycles also have pedals for both. According to Jeep Cycling Technician Saujan Sangraula, one person can cycle from one building to another in a maximum of 1 minute and two in a maximum of 40 seconds. “You have to ride a pedal in the sky just like you ride a bicycle on the ground,” he said.

He started construction of the Water Kingdom Park in 2019 after the government signaled that 2020 would be declared the year of tourism. Construction of the park’s physical infrastructure was halted after the country collapsed due to the corona virus. Construction of the remaining infrastructure has started after the government eased the logging.

The park, located about 300 meters south of Jhiljhile on the East-West Highway, has not been formally inaugurated yet. Water Kingdom Park is a suitable place in Jhapa for weddings, celebrations, picnics, trainings, seminars and other gatherings, said Chandra Kumar Serma, chief of Shivasatakshi Muncipality .

The number of people coming to the park to take photos has skyrocketed. According to Sangraula, the number of people coming from Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Ilam, Panchthar, Siraha and Saptari districts has increased.

The park also has eight types of items that can be entertained by just playing with water. According to Sangraula, Swimming Pool, Web Bridge, Multilane Slide, Web Slide, Cruiser Slide, Sophaland Slide and Pendulum Slide etc..

A rest area for the elderly has also been constructed in the park. Various structures has been constructed for the youth to eat inside the park and observe the views inside the park. A 45-meter long tunnel is also in operation in the park. It has won everyone’s heart.

Operator Sangraula has operated different hotels in the park, both veg and Non-Veg . Similarly, two well-equipped 28-room buildings have been constructed for internal and external tourists. “One building houses the party palace and the other houses the guest house,” said Sangraula.

Sangraula is hopeful that Water Kingdom Park in Shivasatakshi will be the best choice for tourists visiting the East.

The major tourist destinations of Shivasatakshi Municipality are Satakshidham, Chillagadh and Domukha Park. Tableaus of different castes can also be easily seen by the general public coming inside the park. These tablecloths are made by handicrafts.

The park, built at a cost of Rs 300 million, has provided direct employment to 30 people. For the internal and external tourists visiting the park, the operator Sangraula said that the package will include tours to Ilam, Jhapa, Dhankuta, Taplejung, Panchthar and Sunsari.

He said, “Internal and external tourists coming here will be entertained by taking them to the tourist destinations of the East at a cheaper rate.”

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